Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Economic Fetish of Gideon Osborne

I really prefer the more subtle examples of fetishism over the borderline psychotic ramblings of professional fetishists or mystics like David Icke, so this entry will correspond to a recent speech given by Gideon Osborne in which; he ascribes to 'The Economy' a whole range of properties and actions more properly belonging to the subjugated masses of people forced to partake in 'it', often against their will.

While delving into the decrepitude on display in a recent televised Conservative Party conference during a particularly damp and dreary Autumnal afternoon, I was unfortunate enough to observe the insidiously absurd speech of the particularly dull witted decadent; Gideon Osborne, the son of a wallpaper tycoon & one of the foremost financial fetishists in this congregation of aspirational loons.

When one encounters such typecast examples of the moral turpitude which sadly passes for rectitude, that this decaying nation of class distinction is known to frequently exude, one is coerced into taking notes in the possibly misguided hope that such relics of British Social order face imminent extinction.

So that future generations may at least benefit from a record of the animosity constrained behind the fa├žade of respectability such brigands display, the disdain for the way real people without inheritances live, perhaps that they may never again fall foul of 'the act' and be lead astray, from the long march of progress fraught with obstacles and traps such as these ravenous Tory wolves set in our way.

It's apparent the fundamental attribute of a Conservative politician, is the ability to maintain the fetishism of various things in the face of all evidence against them, predominantly those most despicable attributes and institutions which mar the collective history of our species: privilege; self obsession; servile flattery in accordance with social rank; the expectation others behave the same way; the worship of Kings; of money, banks and ostentatious display of things obtained by one means or another; of morality beneath the knout; of dominance above; of the clout of ancient teachings; on grasping and reaching for more and more; of opulent decor; decorum and whoredom in various forms.

The prime fetish of the conservative of the modern world, now that the last whiff of God has all but evaporated, is the economy.

Now the white bearded man in the sky no longer provides for them they have erected in 'His' place, a less imaginary estranged saviour.

A more productive provider of souls for them to savour; as the multitudes were gathered in a bygone age, beneath the incomprehensible capriciousness of this alien, 'divine will', they now serve the endlessly increasing abstract extravagances, of the Economic priesthood's demands upon them.

The ancient Aztecs were at least upfront about the endless human sacrifice demanded by their priests, now the least amongst us sacrifices their self to grease the gears of a machine, the only purpose of which is to prepare a feast from the products of our labour, of the life's blood of all beasts of burden.

While the priests of Mesoamerica or Druidic castes from the East had to drive a dagger through the cartilaginous casing our rib cage provides, to obtain the wonderful bloody treasure hidden inside, today we offer our hearts up to idolatrous lies willingly; we give our lives up for the price of a cup we make but have to buy from which our misery overflows, but why?

So our pleasure and happiness grows?

Sadly no, but rather so the economy may continue to colonize every aspect of human existence, so profits may continually rise while our dreams are left to die, entrenched wealth conserved so the lofty ideals of fair trade are never realized.

Is it fair the "the party of Freetrade" can fetishize, the entirety of human social relations beneath the Leviathan called Economy, attributing to it the ability to make the sun rise, to raise our children correctly and the power to decide, "whether we can pay our bills, whether we provide for our families, have rewarding jobs and enjoy decent retirements"?

Gideon is quite adamant the answer is yes; "the economy means everything to the people of Britain" he replies, smiling smugly hands raised towards the sky, but were he ever to speak to a member of this homogeneous tribe, to ask them what the term means, it's more likely they'd reply that it means little more than any other term glibly spoken which eludes our evil eyes, but Gideon has greater faith than us mere mortals to whom he lies, to him the economy is a mystical creative force more alive than we; the permeating substance facilitating every facet of modern life.

Sandra Silberzweig~The Economy

All quotations taken from George Osbornes Conservative party conference speech given on the 29th of September.


  1. What's this "immoral turpentine " ?

  2. Hi there.
    "Turpitude" means depraved or wicked behaviour or character.